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2017 Resistance bands, exercise tubing—or whatever you like to call them—are a great fitness tool to have at your disposal. Not only are they easy to use for all ability levels, but they’re an inexpensive, portable piece of strength equipment to take on the road or have at home when getting to the gym doesn’t fit […]
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彈性月費崛起 更符國際標準 放眼其他健身室,康文署固然一直是時租,月票,高檔的Pure Fitness,中價Anytime Fitness,以至連結獨立健身室,來自東南亞的新興手機程式如KFit,Guavapass皆選用彈性的月費計劃,扭轉本地合約特長的惡名,更符國際慣常
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Anytime Fitness
Namens iedereen bij Anytime Fitness hele fijne feestdagen gewenst. Samen vormen we ook in 2018 één grote en gezonde paarse familie! DEEL deze video als Anytime Fitness
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3/9/2017 · 請問各位有join plan嘅巴絲,邊一間好啲呢? 月費係幾多?同埋包啲咩? 唔該曬! 想點操先 主要想跑步減肥,如果有得報班(trx,yoga,boxing etc)就更好 巴打住邊區 兩間都join過 大啲就fitness first 唔想比人sell 就anytime
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“Anytime Fitness empowers our franchisees through our 4 Ps: People, Purpose, Profit, and Play. Our people – from the members to the staff – are at the core of our business. Their goal of a healthier place, is our shared goal, and we all have fun reaching it,” Levine
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為迎合健身愛好者的需要,有投資者於2014年以特許經營方式,把美國健身中心品牌Anytime Fitness引進香港。該品牌現時在香港有12間分店,每天24小時開放,但教練及職員並不是全天候在場,會員將獲發一條鑰匙,再配合登入軟件及保險系統進入健身中心。
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CEO Interview: Chuck Runyon, Anytime Fitness
8/11/2017 · Posted on November 8 2017 by Joel Trammell Chuck Runyon is the co-founder and CEO of Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest co-ed fitness club franchise. With more than three million members worldwide at 3,700 gyms,
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23/9/2020 · 誠徵 萵苣 會員 地點: 臺中市 全區 或者 學府店 月費: 988 合約 一年上下皆可 有興趣的人可以私訊我喔~ [轉讓] Anytime fitness會籍兩名 1.場所名稱:Anytime fitness全館皆可使用 2.場所位置:高雄亞灣民權店 3.數量:兩名
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一份於英國運動醫學雜誌《British Journal of Sports Medicine》上發表的系統文獻回顧與統合分析研究中,研究者針對2017年12月至今的36項研究,涉及1,012人做分析比對,比較間歇訓練與中等強度持續訓練(moderate-intensity continuous training ,以下稱MOD,例如均速跑)4週對人體肥 …
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