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5 B2B Sales Challenges & How to Overcome Them
B2B sales can be a bit tricky at first while you’re still hammering out your sales process and figuring out how to best manage your sales pipeline. There are many challenges that B2B salespeople in your shoes face even when they feel like they are doing everything
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B2B Sales Strategy
B2B Sales can be tough. On paper, getting leads that turn to sales may seem like an effortless process. But, the reality is often quite different, regardless of whether you are marketing a startup brand or a seasoned organization. Most times, you will be neck-deep
B2B Sales Pipeline Management: A Complete Guide
Managing your B2B sales pipeline properly will help you to continuously make sales, even when a regular customer drops off. To put it into perspective, let’s say that you need 50 customers who place orders equal to $100,000 a year in order to cover your operating costs and maintain your desired level of profit.
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B2B Sales and B2B Marketing: What’s the difference?
In general, most B2B sales transactions are larger than those in B2C sales, and will often have a longer, more complex sales process. For example, a single consumer may buy a box of printer paper, while a large office might buy 100 boxes at a time, and a retailer may buy 1000+ boxes, that they will sell on at a later date.
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The Definitive Guide to B2B Sales in 2021 (Expert, Data …

B2B sales has changed dramatically over the past year. We wrote this definitive guide on B2B sales to help you understand those changes, and outline best practices for being successful in this new environment. If you’re a veteran of B2B sales, use the Table of

18 Sales KPIs: The Best Metrics for B2B Sales Teams [2021]

The value of having the right sales KPIs can’t be understated – whether you sell online or offline, SaaS or physical products, B2B or B2C. For ambitious companies, monitoring the right metrics is the difference between driving scalable growth and seeing your revenue flatline.
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B2B Sales Training
Specially designed Sales Training for B2B companies that have to deal with high level decision makers, to defend your price and to keep the sales team motivated throughout the long sales cycle. Objections, Negotiation and Closing – Why are you charging higher
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B2B Sales Archives
Optimizing your B2B lead conversion efforts is one of the best decisions to make, as it helps increase sales and productivity. Many B2B businesses today are beginning to make smarter and bolder decisions to improve their lead conversion efforts.
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B2b Sales
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B2B(也有寫成 BTB,是Business-to-Business的縮寫)是指企業與企業之間通過專用網絡或Internet,進行數據信息的交換,傳遞,開展交易活動的商業模式。它將企業內部網和企業的產品及服務,通過 B2B 網站或移動客戶端與客戶緊密結合起來,通過網絡的快速
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