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should和ought to有什么區別
should和ought to有什么區別, ought to 和should 接動詞的完成時,表示該做的事而未做,常含有對對方的責備 1. ought to 和should 都表示義務,意思為:應該,本該。但ought to 強調道義,法律所規定的職責;而should 一般是表示說話者的一種主觀看法。
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had better, should, ought to用法_word文檔在線閱讀與 …

提供had better, should, ought to用法word文檔在線閱讀與免費下載,摘要:hadbetter,should,oughtto用法hadbetter,should,oughtto是重要的情態動詞,也是高考重要考點,學習時應注意下列幾點:一,了解相互間關系hadbetter(最好),should(應該)與oughtto
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20/8/2015 · 1. should可以和ought to(應該)一樣,表達各種義務或職責,其語氣比must(必需)弱,用來表示什麼是明智但非必要的做法: I don’t want to give it back, but I suppose I should.
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動詞(26)–助動詞 Ought 和had better
用 should 也可表達道義上應做的事,不過用 ought 則表示最強烈的義務觀念。 ( 引用 黃聰海 先生 “ 黃氏英文法 ”, 1980) 【觀念確認】 ought 其後必須接不定詞 (to + V) ,其否定為 ought not ,亦可縮為 oughtn’t 。

ought to have
大量翻譯例句關于”ought to have” – 英中詞典以及8百萬條中文譯文例句搜索。 五,對于在本條所規定的貨物仍未交付期間內發生的貨物滅失或損壞,承運 人不負賠償責任,除非索賠人證明,此種滅失或損壞是由于承運人未能在當時的 情況下采取應有的合理 步驟保存貨物所致,且 承 運 人已知 …
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you ought not to
大量翻譯例句關于”you ought not to” – 英中詞典以及8百萬條中文譯文例句搜索。 5. The carrier shall not be liable for loss of or damage to goods that occurs during the time that they remain undelivered pursuant to this article unless the claimant proves that such loss or damage resulted from the failure by the carrier to take steps that would have been reasonable in the
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Ought to & should
Ought to and should Modal auxiliaries are helping verbs that connect with normal/ordinary verbs to express a meaning, ask a question or negate. Modal auxiliaries are never used with the main auxiliaries; be, have and do, and do not make sense on their own, therefore, they must be connected with a normal verb in order to make sense.
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